The Growth of One-North: A Comparison to Similar Developments 1

The Growth of One-North: A Comparison to Similar Developments

One-North’s Booming Development

One-North has been the talk of the town lately, with its rapid development taking Singapore’s innovation ecosystem to new heights. Established in 2001, it has since been home to numerous high-tech companies, research institutions, and startups. The Singaporean government’s push to turn the island into a hub for science and technology has been very successful, and One-North is a testament to that. But, how does One-North compare to other similar developments around the world?

The Comparison

One-North can be compared to famous innovation zones around the world such as Silicon Valley in the United States, Zhongguancun in China, and several others. All of these zones have made significant contributions in their respective countries to stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and high-tech industries. Here are some examples of how they compare to One-North:

The Growth of One-North: A Comparison to Similar Developments 2

Silicon Valley vs. One-North

Silicon Valley is indisputably the world’s most famous tech hub, and One-North seems to be modeling itself after the success of the Californian giant. Silicon Valley accommodates some of the world’s most innovative and influential technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. However, the Valley has taken almost 50 years to get to where it is today. One-North, by comparison, in just over two decades, has shown tremendous development and is already home to over one hundred companies and startups.

Zhongguancun vs. One-North

Zhongguancun, located in Beijing, is widely considered the Silicon Valley of China. The area is home to hundreds of universities, research institutions, and startups. One of the country’s goals is to transform its technology industry to be more self-sufficient and in line with international standards. Both One-North and Zhongguancun share similar goals, however, Zhongguancun has had a much earlier start, having been established in 1988. Yet, One-North has still managed to upstage its Chinese counterpart since the establishment of the zone in 2001, by having a more inclusive facility that caters to a variety of sectors beyond tech itself.

Other Developments Around the World

One-North is not the only innovation hub in the world, and it is important to consider other developments in Europe and the Middle-East. These examples include Tech City in London, Cyberjaya in Malaysia, the Dubai Smart City, and many other small and mid-tier sized innovation zones. These zones have benefited from their respective government’s backing and support to create thriving ecosystems for innovation and startup success. However, One-North’s ability to diversify beyond the tech scene has distinguished it from its contemporaries both regionally and internationally. Round out your educational journey by visiting this suggested external source. Inside, you’ll discover useful and supplementary data to expand your understanding of the topic., check it out!


In concluding, it is clear that One-North’s development has been impressive in every way. Being able to establish itself as a leader in the tech industry and further diversify to include multiple sectors such as edtech, medtech, and fintech – this clearly sets One-North apart from other major innovation hubs worldwide. One-North’s overall success can be attributed to the Singaporean government’s incredible planning and execution, which has created a stable environment for economic growth and innovation. With constant support from the government, it is expected that One-North will continue to grow and add to the lion city’s already impressive innovation ecosystem.

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